A Public Charity Honoring Northern Cheyenne Elders

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At Soaring Eagle, our primary focus is to help Northern Cheyenne Elders carry on their traditions and continue to teach those traditions to younger generations. We have constructed an assisted living facility in the rolling hills grasslands of Montana, in the heart of the Tongue River Valley. The Heritage Living Center provides a comfortable residence for those elders who might otherwise have had to leave their community and relocate to nursing homes hundreds of miles away.

Greatest Needs


Fireproof Window Blinds

$24,000 donated of
$60,000 goal.


Energy Saving LED Lighting

$20,000 donated of
$20,000 goal.


New Carpeting in Community Spaces

$5,000 donated of
$7,000 goal.


Building Security Upgrade

$0 donated of
$36,000 goal.

Upcoming Events




New Years Day

Elders, staff and visitors will celebrate and welcome in the new year.




Father Emmett’s Memorial

Heritage Living Center Residents, staff, and guests will gather on the anniversary of Fr. Emmett’s passing.

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The Northern Cheyenne are a proud people and once-fierce warriors who streamed across the Great Plains. Their cultural heritage is a rich one, with many of the stories held in the hearts and minds of the tribe’s elders.

Father Emmett

In the mid 1950s, Father Emmett Hoffmann was sent to southeastern Montana to the little-known St. Labre Mission. What he found were people living in heart-wrenching poverty. For more than 40 years, Father Emmett ministered to the people of St. Labre while working to raise awareness and funds for the Northern Cheyenne people. His fundraising work led to the building of schools, homes and churches as well as to the creation of safe water systems.

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Soaring Eagle is a 501(c)(3) organization unaffiliated with any tribe or religion, and we receive no federal funding. We depend solely on the support of generous donors who share our vision and our commitment to honoring Native American history and heritage.