Special Projects

We recognize that some donors like to support specific initiatives within a charitable organization like Soaring Eagle. If you would like to help fund special projects, please read more about the following:

Memorial Plaques

Heritage Living Center provides you the opportunity to honor a friend or loved one with a memorial plaque on display in our facility. The Eagle Ridge Park Memorial Wall (pictured above) has open spaces for these plaques. The Wall of Living Memories (pictured to the left) can be viewed in our lobby.

The plaque shown was purchased to pay tribute to Louis and Katherine Richart, Father Emmett’s maternal grandparents, in our Wall of Living Memories in the lobby.

Gifts can be made by check, money order or stock. Memorial gifts which are larger than $5,000 may be paid over a three-year period. Please contact us for additional information about Heritage Living Center’s memorial plaques and how you may participate.

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Eagle Ridge Park

Heritage Living Center features a five-acre wildlife sanctuary called Eagle Ridge Park. This park has been created to be a safe haven for native birds and animals, including those who are in danger of extinction. It is also a place where our residents can enjoy being in nature. Additional plans have been made to install a garden, fenced school playground, areas for picnic tables and benches.

By donating to Eagle Ridge Park, you will provide a lasting and important memorial for those in the Heritage Living Center and for the Cheyenne children attending the nearby Montessori School & Daycare.

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Soaring Eagle is a 501(c)(3) organization unaffiliated with any tribe or religion, and we receive no federal funding. We depend solely on the support of generous donors who share our vision and our commitment to honoring Native American history and heritage.