Protecting the cultural heritage of Native American peoples.

Soaring Eagle was founded by Father Emmett Hoffman, who had been sent to the St. Labre Mission in the early 1950s as a young priest to find that the residents were living in extreme poverty. For more than 40 years, Father Emmett helped to raise awareness for the Northern Cheyenne people and raised funds for the building of schools, homes, and churches and even the development of safe water systems. Although many projects were completed, one need remained: finding a way to better care for tribal elders. In 1997, Soaring Eagle was founded with this mission in mind.

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Operate the Heritage Center

Completed in 2002, the Heritage Living Center was one of the first fundraising projects Soaring Eagle took on. Located near Ashland, MT, the Center ensures the Northern Cheyenne elders of southeastern Montana have a safe and comfortable environment, healthy meals and enjoyable cultural activities. Most importantly, the center allows these remarkable individuals to remain close to their friends and family on the reservation, which is critical to preserving the Cheyenne stories and traditions. Your donation enables the Heritage Living Center to continue its operations.

Meet the ongoing needs of the Northern Cheyenne Elders.

While Soaring Eagle accomplished our initial goal of building the Heritage Living Center, our needs are ongoing. Because we are not privately funded by any church, tribe or federal program, we rely on gifts from our donors. Our Board of Directors and countless volunteers work together to meet the many needs of the tribal members we serve, and your help will allow us to continue our mission of protecting the cultural heritage of Native American peoples.

Continue our efforts to preserve Native American culture.

In addition to supporting the Heritage Living Center, we try to facilitate as much connection as possible between the elders and the rest of the tribe in order to preserve the cultural heritage. In addition to special projects such as the Eagle Ridge Park, our five-acre wildlife sanctuary, and our Memorial Plaque project, which allows families to dedicate a memorial plaque to a loved one, we host many tribal events and celebrations.

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Soaring Eagle is a 501(c)(3) organization unaffiliated with any tribe or religion, and we receive no federal funding. We depend solely on the support of generous donors who share our vision and our commitment to honoring Native American history and heritage.